How to Disable Pop-up ad Blockers?

Aug 16, 2023
How to Disable Pop-up ad Blockers?

In order for a website to work when pop-up windows are required, you must disable the pop-up blocker in your web browser. After watching our tutorial, you can do it in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Pop-Up ads, Pop-Under ads, push notifications, and many more innovative forms of advertising have emerged in recent years. Many online advertisers are now using them to increase traffic to their websites.

While some marketers are skeptical about trying it, some claim that these new advertisements are fairly effective. These ad formats are, in fact, here to stay, and this article explains everything you need to know about pop-up advertising.

What Are Pop-Up Ads?

An abrupt appearance (“pop-up”) of a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, often a small window, in the foreground of the visual interface is referred to as a pop-up. For example, JavaScript often creates a pop-up window with the advertisement.

A sort of advertising that aims to boost web traffic is a pop-up ad. Web users are familiar with pop-up ads because they have all encountered them. They are great advertising because they offer various services and goods for display.

How An Audience Interacts With Pop-Ups?

Ads naturally diminish user experience, so it makes sense that audiences dislike them. However, when pop-up ads are used properly, they have the potential to produce effective results.

Engagement with pop-up advertising has several advantages.

  • Pop-up advertisements typically have a 2% greater audience engagement rate than other types of advertisements.
  • Pop-up advertisements may contribute to an increase in platform subscriptions for publishers.
  • Pop-up advertising, as discovered by Copy blogger, increases email list opt-ins.
  • Pop-up ads are a successful tactic for publishers looking to improve audience interaction since they typically receive high engagement regardless of audience attitudes and responses to ads.

You have the right as a user to decide whether or not to view pop-up advertisements. Here are the instructions for all the widely used browsers and gadgets if you wish to ban them in order to improve your browsing experience overall.

Disable The Pop-Up Blocker In Google Chrome

Chrome’s built-in pop-up blocker can be disabled on both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Launch Chrome on your desktop and go to the Settings menu > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Pop-Ups and Redirects to disable the pop-up blocker. There, turn on the option for “Sites Can Send Pop-Ups and Use Redirects.”
  • Open Chrome on your phone and go to the three dots menu > Settings > Site Settings > Pop-Ups and Redirects to turn off the pop-up blocker. Select “Pop-Ups and Redirects” and turn it on.
Disable The Pop-Up Blocker In Mozilla Firefox

You can disable the pop-up blocker in the desktop, iPhone, and iPad versions of Mozilla Firefox. 

Since there is no pop-up blocker in the Android version, you do not need to take any action to enable those tiny windows.

  • Launch Firefox on your desktop, select the three-horizontal menu, then select Settings > Privacy & Security to disable the pop-up blocker. Turn off the “Block Pop-Up Windows” setting there.
  • Open Firefox on an iPhone or iPad, go to the three horizontal line menu, touch Settings, and deactivate the “Block Pop-Up Windows” checkbox.
Disable The Pop-Up Blocker In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge’s pop-up blocker can be turned off, much like many other web browsers.

  • On a desktop computer, launch Edge, select the three dots menu, click Settings > Cookies and Site Permissions > Pop-Ups and Redirects, and then deactivate the “Block” checkbox.
  • Android and iOS: Open Edge, select the three dots menu, select Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Permissions > Pop-Ups and Redirects, and then turn on the “Pop-Ups and Redirects” option to turn off Edge’s pop-up blocker on mobile.
Disable The Pop-Up Blocker In Safari On Mac

Safari for iOS:

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Set Safari’s Slide Block Pop-ups to off (white) to stop blocking pop-ups.

Samsung Internet:

  • Open the Samsung Internet app on your Android device.
  • Hit the Menu button (three vertical lines)
  • Choose Settings
  • Sites and downloads can be found under Advanced.
  • To stop blocking pop-ups, move Block Pop-ups to off (white).

That concludes our tutorial on disabling pop-up blockers on popular browsers across a variety of devices. This will be beneficial to you and improve your browsing experience in general.

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