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For Publishers

Adblocking is growing 34% YoY. Start capitalizing on it.

You can setup AdRecover within minutes and start displaying fast-loading UX-compliant ads to your website's adblock user traffic.

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For Advertisers

The highest number of users with adblockers installed are millennials.

They are technologically proficient, have higher spend and value uninterrupted online browsing.

Use AdRecover to target adblocked users with permission-enabled non-intrusive ads.

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Increase Ad Viewability While Preserving Your Website's User Experience

And get access to detailed reporting and analytics that help you make better business decisions

What People Say About Us

It’s not just that it’s the perfect monetization tool, AdRecover genuinely worked to find that sweet spot between our goal of reaching the right user base and the users’ own goal of having an uninterrupted and smooth web experience. To add to this, such similar products promise and promote ‘fast-response’ or ‘24/7 availability’ but in our experience only AdRecover delivered.
Programmatic Strategy Officer
Advertising Partner


How to Recover Ad Revenue Lost to Ad Blocking and New Viewability Metrics

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2017 AdBlocking Report (adblocking penetration by country, region and devices)

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